Play Clue like Sherlock Holmes

There are a few board games out there that let you put on your detective shoes and try to out-logic your friends. The person who can deduce the most information from the other players can win. These games usually involve several different strategies, including tricking your opponents. Clue is the most famous of these kinds of games. Here’s how you can win at it.


Invented by Anthony Pratt in England in 1943, Clue has been a staple for any board game closet for years. At the beginning of the game, cards for a weapon, a person, and a room are all chosen at random. The point of the game is to figure out who the murderer is, where it happened, and with what weapon.

Clue Gameplay

The board is divided into 9 different rooms. The different players take turns rolling dice and then traveling to the different rooms. In each room, the person can make a guess at the three cards and then ask another player to prove them wrong. If another player has a card that can prove the accusation wrong, they have to show it to the other player.


There are several Clue strategies out there, and the following is certainly not exhaustive:

1. Ask about a card you have in your hand – If you ask about a card you have in your hand, you know that no one will be able to prove you wrong with that card. It’s risky, but you might be able to figure out one of the three cards in the early stages of the game.
2. Make many suggestions – You can only make a suggestion in a room, so don’t spend all your time traveling from room to room.
3. Listen to every suggestion – Even if it is not your turn, listen to the suggestion. You can find out quite a bit from the other players.
While there are other logical board games out there, Clue is the king of them all. With so many versions out there, you can be sure to find a board that you will love.