Board Games Involving Strategy

Sitting down to play a board game has been a favorite activity for many people throughout the years. Some board games are more family friendly than other, relying more on chance than on strategy. These types of games are great for families, but strategy board games are often much more fun.
Here are a few strategy games to play:


Chess has been around in some form for over 1400 years. It has changed, but the basic idea remains the same. Each player has 16 pieces, one of which is the king. The goal is to trap the king so that it cannot move, thus getting a checkmate. It was used as a model for war and strategy, but today is a great way to match wits with your friends and family.


Known as one of the longest board games around, Risk was first released by Parker Brothers in 1959. At the beginning of the game, players take turns staking claim to various territories around the world. Then when the game starts, players try to take over the entire board (world). Armies can attack adjacent territories by rolling a number of dice relating to how many armies are found in each territory.


For a strategy game that is more visual than others, give Blokus a try. Two to four players each have 21 differently shaped geometric pieces that they place on the playing surface. The pieces click into place, and a player can only put down a new piece next to a corner of one of their pieces already on the board. The player to put down the most pieces without getting stuck wins. This is a great strategy game for older children.

Whether you are planning a family reunion or are just bored on a weeknight, consider getting out a board game. They are fun and provide a great workout for your mind.