Board Games for Life Skills

Board games have always been a way to have fun and test your wits against friends and family. But there are some board games that actually teach some life skills in addition to being very fun. They can teach about money, supply and demand, diplomacy, and other topics. Here are some of those games and how they teach real life skills.


Monopoly is a famous board game where players move around a board and purchase properties. When players land on another player’s property, they have to pay them rent. This game teaches about investing, real estate, and cutthroat economics. Monopoly is produced by Parker Brothers.

The Game of Life

To learn more about life, it is no surprise that the Game of Life can help out. The modern version of this game was invented in 1960 by Reuben Klamer and was sold by Milton Bradley. In this game, you can get married, buy a house, invest, have a baby, and do much more. It is a great way to open children’s eyes to life in general. They may think twice about asking for money after they play this game.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is a competitive game where players compete for resources to building settlements and cities on the board. Each resource corresponds to a number, which when rolled any player touching that resource can take one. It teaches about supply, demand, consumerism, and diplomacy. Settlers of Catan was released in 1996 by Mayfair Games and has won many awards in several different countries.

Playing a board game isn’t always about winning, it can be about learning too. Those games that teach about life are particularly fun and exciting. They allow you to take great risks for big rewards that you may not take in your real life. Try one out today!