About Dillan Jones

I have been called a nerd and a geek many times, but I absolutely love board games. In fact, I love them so much that I even have several accounts to play them online so that I can practice. My favorites are strategy and logical board games that are less dependent on chance, but the aspect of chance makes board games worth playing.
My name is Dillan Jones and this is my blog about board games.
I will try to teach you about the history, gameplay, and strategy behind the best and most famous board games around. Whether its chess, Clue, Settlers of Catan, or Risk, I play them all and I’d say I’m pretty good. It’s all about finding a strategy that you like and that works for you. I usually go for the higher-risk higher-reward strategies no matter what game I’m playing, but that’s just me.
Whether you are another board game addict like me or just a casual player looking to gather a few pro tips, you will find some fun advice here. Ultimately, it’s all about having fun, but losing all the time isn’t any fun so there’s no harm in studying a bit of strategy.