How To Get High End Birthday Party Entertainment

11 October

Sometimes, when you have a special birthday party to organize, a standard birthday celebration just doesn’t seem like enough. Traditional entertainment can seem lackluster compared to the momentous occasion of a milestone like turning 70, 80, 90 or even 100. But how do you go about getting high end birthday party entertainment?

What Kind of High End Birthday Entertainment Is Available?

Many well-known musical entertainers who hit the peak of their careers decades ago still work in their industry. You might not hear about them as much because they might be doing extended contract regional work at casinos and nightclubs. But they are also often available for private bookings at things like your upcoming birthday event.

Another type of high end birthday entertainment are local orchestras. Orchestras don’t only play to large, sold-out crowds in concert halls. You can hire out small ensembles or entire orchestras to entertain at your special birthday celebration event.

How to Contact High End Birthday Party Entertainers

Once you have made a short list of possible entertainers for your high end birthday celebration, the next step is to figure out the best way to contact them and pursue the booking.

Most high profile entertainers have a booking agent that maintains their calendar and confirms booking details. You can find out which booking agent handles the entertainer of your choice by researching online databases. You may have to subscribe to the pro version to get contact details for managers and booking agents.

To contact a local orchestra, start with their home concert hall where they most often play. The venue manager there will be able to put you into contact with the person you need to speak to about booking the orchestra for your event.

What Information to Provide to Booking Agents

The booking agent will need some information from you before they can consider whether your entertainer of choice might be able to work your birthday event. Be prepared to tell them the following:

  • Your birthday venue location
  • The number of guests expected
  • Your personal background and reasons for requesting that entertainer
  • The accommodations you can offer the entertainer before, during and after the performance
  • The length of time you need them to perform

Finally, the booking agent will get back to you with a rate quote if the entertainer agrees to the booking. If all goes well, you could have a famous entertainer performing at your special birthday celebration.

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