3 Trends To Incorporate Into This Year’s Corporate Events

29 July

Regional meetings and conferences play a critical role in helping branches of a large corporation stay in contact with one another. Although these corporate events are intended to be informative and professional in nature, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be fun as well.

If you are in charge of planning this year’s corporate events for your company, here are three trends you will want to consider incorporating into your final design.

1. Attendee Engagement

The corporate events of the past may have felt a bit mundane for the employees and executives attending them. In order to increase the amount of excitement guests feel about attending the corporate events you plan, it’s essential that you take the time to incorporate elements that allow attendees to engage with the event.

Try creating event-specific smartphone apps, promoting event-specific hashtags, and focus on workshops rather than lectures. Event attendees will gain more knowledge and skill when they can engage with the corporate event they are attending.

2. Event Transformation

Rather than allowing your corporate events to take place in what appears to be a large conference hall, try incorporating design elements that allow you to transform your events in the future. Branding plays a critical role not only when communicating with customers, but corporate branding can help solidify marketing messages in the minds of employees as well.

By creating a company-themed atmosphere (like a casino or racetrack) the prominently features corporate branding, you will be able to transform your next event into one that excites and educates attendees. You will also help promote networking among your guests.

3. Social Responsibility

More companies are concerned with how consumers perceive their level of social responsibility than ever before. You can use your corporate events to help showcase your own company’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Make sure that you are sourcing food for your event locally, and use decorations that are made from recycled materials whenever possible. Hosting your corporate event in a venue that relies on solar power can also be a great way to promote your company’s social responsibility to employees and the public.

Planning corporate events can be challenging, but incorporating some popular trends into your plans can help your company’s events stand apart. Try making your events more engaging, creating a branded atmosphere, and promoting social responsibility with local and sustainable products to make your next corporate event more memorable. You can also contact companies like BalloonacyOnline.com for more information or assistance.