3 Types Of Event Tents For Your Outdoor Wedding

14 December

Are you planning an outdoor wedding in your backyard? Hosting your wedding at your house can be a great way to save money on your wedding and to celebrate with your family and friends in a comfortable environment. One of the biggest things you’ll need to get in preparation is an event tent. Your tent will help protect your guests from rain, but it will also serve as a central gathering point during the reception. You can put the buffet and dining tables under the tent, as well as the dance floor, giving your guests a safe and comfortable spot to enjoy the party. You’ll have a few different options when it comes to renting an event tent. Here are three of the most popular:

Pole tent. Pole tents are among the most commonly used tents for outdoor weddings. They are supported by interior posts or poles, which gives them the classic look of having one or two peaks in the top of the tent. Pole tents have to be staked into the ground, so you’ll need plenty of space around the exterior of the tent for the stakes to be placed. Also, the staking requirement means you can’t put a pole tent on a patio or some other hard surface.

Pole tents are among the most affordable options available. However, you may also want to rent some material to decorate the interior. The poles and supports in the roof of the tent will be visible unless you cover them with additional rental cloth. Also, the support poles may obstruct portions of the tent, so you’ll need to lay out your tables and dance floor around them.

Frame tent. This tent is similar to a pole tent but also has some key differences. One is that it doesn’t have to be staked into ground. That means you can fit it into a tighter space or even set it up on concrete. Also, since this tent is supported by a metal frame, you won’t have any poles obstructing the inside of the tent area. Like a pole tent, a frame tent may have exposed metal rods and poles, especially in the roof. However, you can rent additional fabric to cover these support poles and improve the tent’s aesthetic.

Sail cloth tent. If you like the idea of a pole tent, but don’t want the metal poles, a sail cloth tent could be for you. A sail cloth tent usually uses wooden stakes and poles, giving it a natural and rustic look. Also, as the name suggests, the material that’s used for the tent roof and sides is sail cloth instead of vinyl, which is what is traditionally used in pole tents. The sail cloth lets light shine through, giving your event a soft glow. Sail cloth tents are also popular because of the lighting effect they can add to wedding photos.

Of course, a sail cloth tent is likely to cost much more than either a pole tent or a frame tent, so consider your budget before renting one.

For more information, contact an event tent rental company like Joliet Tent Co in your area. They can help you find the right tent for your event and budget.