End Summer On A High Note: How To Maximize Your Music Festival Enjoyment

24 August

Few people would argue against that summer is the best time of the year for attending a concert, and although August is quickly drawing to a close, there’s still an opportunity to grab your sunglasses and attend an outdoor music festival. If you’re a festival novice, being surrounded by a sea of people while you hear your favorite bands can be mesmerizing — and even a little overwhelming. While it’s important to always brush up on the festival’s rules and policies online, some general advice can go a long way to ensuring that your experience is one that you’ll remember for a long time. Here are three helpful ways to enhance your summer music festival experience.

Keep Hydrated

It can often be tempting to skip drinking too much water to avoid having to leave your prime spot in front of the stage and run to the washroom. This strategy, however, can be dangerous. Hydration is vitally important to your health, especially when it’s hot and you’re sweating. Getting dehydrated can lead to a host of problems that will make the concert the least of your concerns. Be aware of moderate dehydration symptoms such as a dry mouth and a headache. Whether you can take your own water into the festival or need to buy bottles, keep a bottle handy and sip throughout the festival.

Take A Portable Phone Charger

In today’s digital age, you can feel naked when your smartphone dies. Smartphone batteries can often fizzle out at music festivals because you’re taking lots of photos and videos, posting content to your social media sites and texting friends to confirm their whereabouts. It’s a major inconvenience when your phone dies, so carry a battery-powered charger to get you up and running again. A working phone doesn’t just document the memories, but can also help you check a band’s schedule and stage location and connect with people in your group in the event you get separated in the crowd.

Travel Light

Carrying a minimal amount of possessions during the festival helps you move around easily and also avoid being a nuisance to other attendees. While a backpack can make life easy, opt for a small one and don’t pack more than you expect you’ll need. Skip the folding chair and cooler, as these items take up valuable space around you and you’ll get fed up with carrying them by the end of the night. Wearing pants with lots of pockets is the way to go.

Keep these tips in mind as you search for upcoming concerts and events from entertainment sites, like The Correspondent.